Trade in Call Blocks for Meetings

Sales Development

“The more meetings you can get on their calendar the better, otherwise they’re just smiling and dialing.”

- Director, Sales Development


LastMile-Sales Dev

Struggling to Scale Pipeline without Adding Resources? You Have the last mile problem.

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Chasing Leads Wastes Time

Reps waste 30% of their time chasing leads with calls, LinkedIn messages, emails and texts, just to book the meeting.

Low Conversion Means Empty Pipeline

You miss out on revenue when you have lots of leads and tasks, but little time to convert them, or when low quality leads burn cycles.

SDRs Churn If Used as Appointment Setters

SDRs become better reps when they focus on creating value in scheduled discovery calls, rather than only setting appointments.


Stop Chasing Leads - Go Calendar First™

An accepted meeting invite is the most important intent signal. Kronologic uses the Calendar First™ methodology to automatically send calendar invites, coordinate times, and get meetings booked.

Lead Type
SDR’s + Sales Engagement Tool
Estimated Impact on Pipeline
Hosted Events
10% - 25%
20% - 50%
100% growth
Demo Requests
35% - 60%
50% - 75%
30% growth
Content Downloads
3% - 5%
10% - 30%
200% Growth

The Kronologic Solution

Kronologic acts as an SDR’s personal assistant, automatically scheduling qualified meetings. It even negotiates meeting times, so reps have calendars full of valuable discussions, keeping the top of the funnel full.


More Meetings, Not More Staff

When more meetings book and reps no longer chase leads, you drive more pipeline and revenue with the headcount you have today.


Focus on Building Value

Perfecting the 37 second call script becomes extinct. Keep reps focused on structured conversations with high-value prospects. 


Prioritize Meetings That Matter

Time is money, so Kronologic uses Calendar Monetization™ to put you in control of prioritizing your most valuable meetings.


Forecast Revenue and Pipeline

Gain visibility into how many meetings are scheduled one to three weeks out, so you can accurately predict pipeline and make adjustments before it's too late.