Demand Generation - Campaigns Convert Leads & Deliver Meetings

Convert Leads with 2 Steps in 4-12 Days

Achieve Campaign ROI Faster by Delivering Meetings Instead of Lead Lists

Persona-Demand-Generation v8

Speed Up Results for All Campaigns

Immediate Booking

  • Demo / Pricing Requests
  • Free Trial Conversions
  • Event Booth Conversations
  • Product / Feature Requests
  • Direct Mail Gift Redemption

Qualified Leads

  • Webinars
  • ABM Campaigns
  • Content Downloads
  • Event Opt-in Lists
  • Nurture Campaigns

Rep Activity

  • Trade Show Conversations
  • Happy Hour Conversations
  • No Show Rebooking
  • Auto-Schedule Next Meeting
  • LinkedIn Conversations

Build More Pipeline Faster


Event Lead Conversion Example

Headshot-Website"For the first time ever, I leave the event with all the best leads already booked on my sales reps' calendars."

"We're driving the full ROI potential for every event we sponsor!"

Scott Logan, SVP Marketing, Kronologic

The Advantage Demand Gen Teams Need


Own Your Success - Deliver the Meeting

Treat every lead like the BEST lead. By triggering a tailored invite or Kronologic Email, you quickly convert leads to the qualified meetings they need to build more pipeline.

2 Step Sequences & Direct Attribution

An easy-to-build, two step sequence converts leads to meetings at 2-5X than traditional best practices. Because you're now converting the meeting, you know the converting campaign with 100% accuracy.

Every Lead Gets Priority #1

Triggering Kronologic Invites & Kronologic Emails enables you to treat every lead like the best lead. A meeting time is proposed within minutes and buyers just have to 1-click Accept, delivering a meeting to sales.

Just Adding a Calendar Comparison Link to an Email is a Poor Customer Experience

"Asking an executive buyer to book their own meeting for a junior level rep, starts the relationship on the wrong foot."
David Pitta, VP Customer Enablement

"If you send me a [calendar comparison] link, the amount of effort for me is Rude."
Former TOPO Analyst

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