Lead Management

Evolve past 2-4 weeks long, 15-step sales sequences. 
Kronologic converts leads using <2 steps in 4-11 days.
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Sales and Marketing Leaders

Headshot-Website"I've never seen so many leads convert so fast! I'm hitting my pipeline goals several weeks early and my reps love that I'm delivering meetings instead of lead lists."

Scott Logan, SVP Marketing, Kronologic

Two Solution Types:
Kronologic Invites & Kronologic Emails

Lead Conversion Drops 5-15% everyday after the first 48 hours

Kronologic Invite:
Ensure your most qualified leads get the attention they need by sending a tailored invite at the point of their engagement.

Forget Calendar Comparison Tools Forever!

Kronologic Email:
AI enhanced hybrid email-invites proactively selects a meeting time with 80% accuracy, while still handling time negotiation busy work. 


Don't Be Fooled By Calendar Comparison Tools

Calendar Comparison Tools

Lead Management Use Cases

Immediate Booking

  • Demo / Pricing Requests
  • Free Trial Conversion
  • Event Session / Breakout
  • Event Booth Conversation
  • Product / Feature Request
  • Direct Mail Gift Redemption

Qualified Leads

  • Webinars
  • ABM Campaigns
  • Content Downloads
  • Event Opt-in Lists
  • Nurture Campaigns

Rep Engagements

  • Trade Show Booth Conversation
  • Happy Hour Conversations
  • No Show Rebooking
  • Auto-schedule Next Meeting
  • LinkedIn Conversations

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