Below are example positions, however if you believe your skills bridge multiple roles please apply.


User Interface Senior Engineer Austin, Texas

• 7+ years total of engineering experience.

• 4+ years of UI experience with React.

• Deep understanding of JS patterns, use of JS to its full extent without the use of libraries like JQuery, lodash, etc... Hint: ES6/7/8+.

• Understanding of React lifecycles, as well as React hooks use of state and layout effects.

• Javascipt core fundamentals: hoisting, immutability, storage, efficiency, etc...

• CSS experience, SASS, minification process, extraction...


Intermediate Engineer Austin, Texas

• 3+ years GO (Golang)

• Design and Architecture Experience

• Experience building test frameworks

• React


• Optional: AWS, Experience w/ Enterprise grade SAAS applications, Docker/Kubernetes, Devops, Gitlab, Building AI applications, Javascript, React, NodeJS.


DevOps Engineer Austin, Texas

3+ years engineering experience

2+ years working in a DevOps role

Understanding of GO

Strong understanding of K8s

Understanding of micro service design

Deep understanding of IAAS/PAAS/SAAS solutions

Cybersecurity acumen

Experience with cloud monitoring solutions


Senior Engineer Austin, Texas

• 7+ years engineering experience

• 2+ years building applications in GO

• Strong design and architecture experience

• Strong understanding of micro service design

• Built applications in AWS/GCP

• Experience building test frameworks

• Strong SQL experience

• Experience building scalable software (enterprise)

• Some cyber security acumen