Our Core Values
1) Premium Tribe 4) Movement ≠ Work
2) Category Defining 5) Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
3)  Bias for Action 6) Truth




Below are example positions, however if you believe your skills bridge multiple roles please apply.


User Interface Senior Engineer Austin, Texas

• 7+ years total of engineering experience.

• 4+ years of UI experience with React.

• Deep understanding of JS patterns, use of JS to its full extent without the use of libraries like JQuery, lodash, etc... Hint: ES6/7/8+.

• Understanding of React lifecycles, as well as React hooks use of state and layout effects.

• Javascipt core fundamentals: hoisting, immutability, storage, efficiency, etc...

• CSS experience, SASS, minification process, extraction...


Intermediate Engineer Austin, Texas

3+ years GO (Golang)

Design and Architecture Experience

Experience building test frameworks

• React


• Optional: AWS, Experience w/ Enterprise grade SAAS applications, Docker/Kubernetes, Devops, Gitlab, Building AI applications, Javascript, React, NodeJS.


DevOps Engineer Austin, Texas

3+ years engineering experience

2+ years working in a DevOps role

Understanding of GO

Strong understanding of K8s

Understanding of micro service design

Deep understanding of IAAS/PAAS/SAAS solutions

Cybersecurity acumen

Experience with cloud monitoring solutions


Senior Engineer Austin, Texas

• 7+ years engineering experience

• 2+ years building applications in GO

• Strong design and architecture experience

• Strong understanding of micro service design

• Built applications in AWS/GCP

• Experience building test frameworks

• Strong SQL experience

• Experience building scalable software (enterprise)

• Some cyber security acumen