Account Expansion

Struggling with disappointing revenue numbers for one of your products or a failing go-to-market strategy? Kronologic’s account expansion solution can help you turn things around — fast.

No time for account expansion? No problem.

Multiply your upsell and cross-sell meetings without adding more work for your teams.

Launch account expansion at the speed and scale of business.

Eliminate the No. 1 obstacle to account expansion and ignite your revenue-generating potential.

Are you struggling to hit aggressive sales goals? Frustrated you’re not getting more traction on a new product or service? Account expansion can be a revenue gold mine, but, unfortunately, it often falls to the wayside — or totally flops.


  • Limited time

    Client success teams are inundated with customer requests while account execs are busy chasing new business.

  • Complicated go-to-market processes

    It can take several weeks to train teams on a new product or service, and it’s challenging to control targeting and messaging.

  • Lost confidence

    But with no time to generate customer interest around a new offering, sales pros quickly lose the motivation to sell it.

Your team doesn’t have time for back-and-forth emails or managing another sales tool. With Kronologic, they won’t have to.

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  • Automated Calendar Filling

    Our Virtual SDR technology handles all outreach and calendar booking — account execs simply show up.

  • Highly Targeted Approach

    Kronologic will get the right messaging to existing customers with the highest propensity to expand their contracts.

  • Sets Up Sales for Success

    With fully booked calendars and highly motivated customers, your teams have everything they need to work magic.

Kronologic immediately connects with the customers most interested in additional offerings and schedules meetings based on reps’ availability. Plus, our solution can prioritize the highest value meetings first to increase potential ROI.


This way, client success can focus on boosting satisfaction, account executives can spend time building relationships, and you can ensure you’re getting the greatest lifetime value from your existing customers.


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