• May 12, 2020 - Built In Austin —–Kronologic Raises $3.5M to Add More Meetings to Your Calendar
• Funding RoundMay 11, 2020 – Kronologic raised $3,500,000 Seed from Silverton, NextCoast, Geekdom Fund
May 11, 2020 - americaninno.com — American Inno Kronologic raises $3.5M | Elon Musk eyes Texas
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Nov 21, 2018 - SiliconHills — Kronologic Converts Sales Leads Into Meetings Using Artificial IntelligenceOct 1, 2018
• Kronologic raised Pre Seed from Geekdom Fund, 6 other investors
Founded in Febuary 2018
Our Core Values
1) Premium Tribe 4) Movement ≠ Work
2) Category Defining 5) Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
3)  Bias for Action 6) Truth


What we do: Kronologic Automates & Monetizes Calendars. 


Board of Directors: Trey Allison, Ben Parker, Roger Chen



  • CEO - Trey Allison grew up in Marfa, TX playing with airplanes and minimalism. He attended both UT Austin and Texas A&M, where he founded a fraternity, established a campus newspaper, launched a 3D printing lab — and changed majors often. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree, a couple of minors, completed pre-med requirements, and a nuclear reactor operator’s license. Trey jumped into Fortune 500 Tech and traveled the country for four years as an enterprise VMware consultant before co-founding Kronologic with Ben Parker. After bootstrapping their way to revenue, they met fellow co-founders Chris Lee and Aaron Bollinger, grew their customer base, raised additional funding, hired top talent, hustled, hustled more (and repeat). Trey is now having the time of his life.


  • COO - Ben Parker is a habitual calculated risk taker professionally and personally, I love dogs, the outdoors and delight in building and studying elegant solutions. I have a passion for experimentation and optimization; economy of motion and efficiency of time are principles that guide many of my decisions on a daily basis. Myers-Briggs: ENTJ


  • CRO - Aaron Bollinger loves to create and evangelize innovative new technologies, which is exactly what he’s crushing in his current role as Co-Founder & CRO at Kronologic. Previously Aaron was a part of the team at BazaarVoice (formerly NASDAQ:BV), where he built out a global team that increased pipeline contribution by 300% and annual bookings by 500% - pushing both of these numbers into the tens of millions of $. Prior to BazaarVoice, during the rise of social media, Aaron was one of the founding sales hires at KickApps and helped build the company over 5 years through 3 VC rounds and onto millions in annual revenue and a profitable acquisition.


  • CTO - Chris Lee brings an entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and a communication style that immediately endears himself to others. Never one to retreat from a challenge, Chris possesses an intellectual curiosity that helps him navigate complex challenges and provide direction to the various areas he oversees as CTO. Chris was extended job offers before graduation from the Florida Institute of Technology, and later quickly ascended the ranks at Rapid7, where he was Principal Software Architect before co-founding Kronologic with Trey Allison, Ben Parker, and Aaron Bollinger. Fun fact: Chris is proficient in many programming languages, and has in depth experience in building cyber security solutions from the ground up. Plus, he was a chess champion in his teens and holds a private pilot license with an instrument rating. Chris thrives in fast-paced environments where he’s a whiz at prioritizing and managing multiple projects. In his downtime, you can find him cheering for one of his favorite soccer teams, playing with his adorable daughters, and speaking Jamaican Patois with his Norwegian-American wife.