The Calendar: Your Best Engagement Channel

By the time you get a hold of a buyer with calls and emails, someone using Kronologic has already held the meeting.
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Book Meetings Automatically at Scale Within Your Current Process

Why?: Because Traditional Calls and Emails are NOT Answered



of unknown calls go unanswered
- Pew Research


of all emails sent are SPAM
- DataProt


Steps are needed to get a response - B2B Decision Labs

Automatically Book Meetings Using Less Than 2 Touchpoints in 4-12 days

Your Best Leads

  • Demo Requests / Contact Us
  • Event / Booth Conversations
  • Renewals / QBR
  • Cross / Upselling
  • Direct Mail Conversions

Quality Leads

  • Webinar Registrants
  • Content Downloads
  • Event Opt-in Lists
  • Abandoned Chats
  • ABM Campaigns

Rep Activity

  • Signature Lines
  • Book Next Meeting
  • Event / Booth Conversations
  • No Show Rebooking
  • Auto-schedule: "Yeah, I'll Meet" 

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