Kronologic 101





1. Meetings will populate on your calendar.







2. Some will simply be "Accepted" or "Declined" by the recipient.






3. Some will negotiate for a time.

If they do the message will be at the top of your inbox like any other email. 

Kronologic waits 60 seconds to give you a chance to open it, it's always best to use your human charm when you can. But if you are unavailable, and Kronologic's A.I. is confident that it can answer it will negotiate an available time on your behalf. 

Pro-Tip: Don't stare at a new email wondering if an A.I. will handle it, if you have time to do that you have time to respond yourself! 





4. Others will do nothing.

When they enter within your schedule buffer zone (default 3 hours) the invite will be removed from your calendar and another attempt will be made it it makes sense. 





5. Practice Calendar Hygiene! 

a. Keep your calendar up to date because Kronologic checks your calendar before setting up a meeting best practice is to keep your calendar up to date to avoid a double book. 

b. Log-In to Kronologic and adjust when you want meetings scheduled on your calendar. Keep in mind the time zone of your prospects, if you're on the east coast an 8am-3pm would ask for meetings 5am-12pm west coast 🙈.

c. Pro-Tip - When you're going to be out of office for entire days, create an all day event & be sure to set it to "Busy"!



6. Bookmark this page!